The Devil In Me has multiple endings but if you intend to save everyone here’s how.

This guide is intended for the original cut and not the curator’s cut of the game.

Blackout – Erin

When Erin is alone with the killer make sure to take the inhaler or do nothing. Do not attack the killer!

Silver Ash Institute – Erin

Do not use the inhaler, instead maintain your breathing, and when given a choice to run or hide choose to hide.

Fire Trap – Charlie

Make sure Charlie’s hand wasn’t crushed prior to this. When inside the trap chose to open the grate both times.

Air Chamber 

With Kate and Erin locked inside the chamber, choose to sacrifice Kate. Mark will save Kate thanks to a faulty window but Erin will die if chosen.

Waste Disposal

Make sure you didn’t crush Charlie’s hand before this. When climbing onto the belt, complete all the QTEs, choose to hide and complete the breathing mini-game.

Control Room

Run rather than hide when playing as Kate and Jamie, and close the moving wall. When chased into the wall chamber make sure to choose the person with the screwdriver to get crushed. Without it the wall will kill the person.

Rooftop – Kate

Choose to save Jamie.

Maze – Kate

Barricade the doors and run from the killer when evading him inside the barn.


Pass the breathing mini-game and the balancing challenge.

Homestead – Jamie

Choose the anxious response to get Kate to hide behind the couch. Do not kill the dog, Kate will save you.

Lighthouse – Mark

If Erin heard the recording of Charlie, she’ll recommend they tie him up. Do not do this.

Lake – Erin

Tell Mark to grab the gun, he’ll get the pepper spray that is necessary to survive the upcoming fight. Complete the QTEs, but make sure Kate doesn’t jump and helps Mark fight. Use pepper spray when the prompt appears.

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