PAYDAY 2 is back with new content, with the Hostile Takeover Bundle today, a mod pack this December, and a weapon pack and heist this February.

Players can purchase the DLC as a bundle leading up to its release.

Texas Heat

The heisters are powering forwards in the Texas Heat campaign, here’s a quick recap of events so far. Gun runner Gemma McShay invited us to Texas to pull a heist on her biggest rival, and to find info on who’s pulling his strings. While she combed our intel, we launched a train robbery for the ages to liberate some valuable printing plates on their way to a mint facility. Now, our journey takes an unexpected turn to an oil company’s headquarters in Dallas. We’ve discovered who was bankrolling Midland Ranch, and a new ally wants to take her down. Time for a little corporate espionage!

Street Smart Tailor Pack

The Street Smart Tailor Pack sets you up as the undisputed ruler of the streets! Our new mission in Texas from gun runner Gemma McShay brings us to the heart of Dallas, we want to make sure to look our best, and to look our best, we need to look Street Smart. Released today, this Tailor Pack contains 3 unique outfits each coming with 4 varieties in addition to 3 masks, each with 2 varieties. The Street Smart Tailor Pack is available either as a stand-alone DLC or as part of the Hostile Takeover Bundle.

Hostile Takeover Bundle

Bundling the brand new content together with four upcoming DLCs and setting them at a hefty discount up-front for players who invest early.

PAYDAY 2 is now available for all major platforms.

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