Acclaimed musician Mick Gordon recently posted a massive Medium article detailing his over accounts during the development of DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack. The report is full of details and receipts showcasing the horrid conditions Mick had to endure that directly contradicted Marty Stratton’s Reddit post which is lacking in evidence.

Today Bethesda provided an official statement on the matter and it’s not going well.

The above statement highlights the company stands by Marty Stratton and Chad Mossholder. Conveying that Mick Gordon’s statement “mischaracterized and misrepresented the team at id Software” with a “one-sided and unjust account of an irreparable professional relationship.” The problem with the statement is that no evidence was provided and Stratton provided a damning Reddit post that did do large amounts of harm to Gordon’s reputation.

Lastly, Gordon did state that his issues were with Marty and not the team at id Software as shown below in a tweet.

Bethesda is a company so the options are limited. The company defending itself is expected but the wording of the statement was extremely poor. Conveying that Mick, despite all the evidence, is attempting any form of harassment is wrong given Mick’s words not to do so. This coupled with the mountain of evidence Mick provided also adds more weight to his side.

Bethesda will have to tread lightly given the current rocky edifice this entire situation stands on but the company’s first step just caused a massive hole.


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