Choosing games for this month’s Games For Budget Gamers should have been a slam dunk. It’s October, so pick some spooky games and be done with it, right? I’d put something with a little more depth out there. So I tried to cover a broader range of “spooky” for this wonderful time of year. Yeah, there’s the expected scary game with jump scares and a creepy atmosphere, but there is also one with a banger soundtrack and the other with a tremendous amount of lore.

Let’s take a look at them.

The Fridge is Red (PC)-

The Fridge is Red is a collection of games that get progressively more and more strange. The first game in the set had a red fridge that was clearly a monster as it bounced around and growled. As the player looks around for clues as to what to do, every time the player looks away from the fridge, it moves closer and growls more. So as you’re frantically looking around, trying to figure out what to do, you also have to balance looking at this fridge to keep it from getting too close.

Then a game later, you’re stuck in an elevator, opening to a weird ghostly plane, and you must collect body parts. At one point in another game, you are forced to wait in a purgatory-style line. It’s a wonderful little collection of games, and if I had more time, I would love to sit down with it again and try to pick away at the layers of this horror game. Grab it now and have fun on Halloween for $14.99.

Metal: Hellsinger (PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)-

Metal: Hellsinger has been called a lot of things. A rhythmic game set in a hellish nightmare. A ‘dollar store’ Doom clone. That second one seems unfair. Metal: Hellsinger has a star-studded soundtrack with bands like Trivium, Lamb of God, and Arch Enemy. The story of Metal: Hellsinger is also pretty clever as a specific demon is looking to get her voice back from The Judge, a ruler of hell. Every level ends with a massive boss fight with one of his higher-ups until you reach him. Each one feels pretty decent and unique to fight.

It was great to see Troy Baker narrate the story of The Unknown, slashing her way through the hordes of the Underworld. The gameplay is fun and frantic as you have to shoot and do specific actions to the rhythm of the song playing; there were a few times when I kept missing the cue because I was too focused on how great the game looked or moving away from enemies that panic started to set in.

It was fun.

As I said before, I can’t sell that stellar soundtrack enough. If you love heavy metal, you will love the soundtrack to this game. Grab it now for about thirty bucks, or check it out on Game Pass.

Bloodborne (PS4)-

Two years ago, I rage quit Bloodborne. It was the first time I had tried a Souls-like game, and I was in for an ass-kicking like no other. This game was worth going back and trying again, though. The atmosphere is intoxicating, getting into the fighting rhythm is super rewarding, and it feels great to start understanding a boss. I felt proud of myself for getting Maria to her third phase on my own on my first try. Playing in co-op made the game even more fun. I got to learn some level skips, get help with tricky bosses, and explore without a ton of worry about losing progress. If you struggle with Souls games, I recommend starting here if you have someone who has played Bloodborne before that can help you learn the game.

My view on the game completely changed, and I love the game now. I wanted to dive back into New Game Plus and do it again as soon as we rolled on the credits. I haven’t wanted to beat a game more than once in a long time. Now, I want to try to do a run alone and see how I do. (I even ran through the DLC.) You can grab the game now in a price range of $10 when on sale in the PlayStation store, with physical copies tending to range between fifteen and twenty dollars. It’s worth it.

Oakwood (PC)-

I have a game for you if you have five dollars and an hour to kill. Oakwood follows a protagonist that goes into the woods to look for his friends, which turns out to be a huge mistake. Not long after entering the woods, he runs into a T-Rex in a scene very reminiscent of Jurassic Park. In that same vein, there is a scene where you must get past some incredibly smart raptors, too. The scares are pretty good, even if the story doesn’t get much deeper than the initial setup. It’s worth it for a pretty good hour-long package.

No pick of the month this month. I ran out of time to play games between balancing writing, issues with my day job, and starting school. It’s been a lot, but I hope you try out some of the games above if you haven’t. They are all fantastic, and I can’t encourage a playthrough of Bloodborne enough. What games have you been playing lately? Let us know in the comments below.

One more thing, I know we are getting to that time of the year when you may feel pressured to be around people that may be bad for your mental health. Many of us spend holidays around parents, siblings, or other family members in some setting, and I know that can be taxing. Remember to do what is best for you this holiday season. Whether that be limiting time around the people that harm your mental health or cutting them out entirely this year. You must take care of yourself and do what is best for you. Keep going; you’re doing great.

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