The biggest hack in gaming history happened this weekend. Someone was able to hack into Rockstar’s servers and steal information regarding GTA 6. Leaking 1 hour of footage from a year-old version which Rockstar confirmed today.

The videos are quickly being taken down by Take-Two Interactive, already confirming they’re legitimate. The leaks confirmed the rumors of a male and female playable character and it’ll take place in modern-day Vice City. Rockstar issued an official statement today as seen above.

The hacker teapotuberhacker has claimed responsibility and is asking for 6 figures from Take-Two Interactive or they will leak the source code for GTA 4 and GTA 5. This is very serious as the source code of a game can create havoc among studios and the player base. According to Rockstar’s statement, it seems that the damage is not as serious as the hacker threatened. With Rockstar confirming that development will continue as intended.

We can expect Take-Two to take every measure to capture this individual. Take-Two has a notorious history of going after their own community, especially modders. So we can assume that Take-Two will dedicate every resource possible to find this person. And in recent reports, the hacker has been doxxed by former colleagues and was responsible for the Uber hack as well.

As for the future, GTA 6 is looking amazing. For an old build of the game, it highlights an extremely robust world, and the new characters look incredible. The main question is how the online mode will be handled. Will Take-Two continue with GTA Online as is or reboot the online option and start fresh? Seeing how profitable GTA Online has been with its Shark Cards you can expect a repeat of those systems.


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