Cult of the Lamb is one of the best games of this year and a new patch is available for Xbox and PlayStation fixing lots of issues.

The complete patch notes are available below for you to read.


  • The game will now auto-pause after 10 minutes
  • Enabled Bloom shader
  • Fixed issue where the game did not boot in EU-Portuguese for EU players
  • Improved performance while saving and loading a game
  • Fixed snail shells not dropping
  • Improved spine animation frame rates for Lamb and Bosses to improve visual quality
  • Fixed several issues related to achievements including “Godhood”
  • Fixed issue where DLC could disappear after completing certain actions
  • Fixed invisible enemies spawning from Summoner enemies
  • Fixed bug that caused Ratau to not appear during the tutorial
  • Fixed certain save corruption bugs
  • Fixed items falling out of the playable area when spawning
  • Fixed an issue causing indefinite controller rumble
  • Fixed issue where the UI element displaying the progress of the day, changes its position on the screen when in the Pilgrim’s Passage
  • Fixed issue causing the “Followers” menu to become inaccessible occasionally
  • Fixed issue where pressing the use button repeatedly after the full column has been selected causes the column UI to be offset
  • Fixed game freeze when clicking back during world map
  • Fixed gifts not spawning correctly
  • Improved pathfinding system
  • Fixed Accept button not appearing right away when returning to the main menu
  • Fixed info card UI getting stuck when navigating through them too quickly
  • Fixed some UI appearance issues in the Divine Inspiration menu
  • Fixed navigation in Cult Menu Tab UI
  • Fixed issue where booting the game offline would cause a crash
  • Fixed issue that occurred when dodge rolling immediately after cancelling the fishing mini-game
  • Fixed game freeze after performing certain actions during the tutorial
  • Fixed game freeze during the final encounter
  • Fixed game freeze after a Follower receives a gift from Ratau


  • Fixed soft lock that could occur during Bishop encounters
  • Implemented optimisation for items spawned from chests
  • Fixed issue that occurred when the Lamb collected a certain amount of Tarot cards during a single dungeon run
  • Fixed spider nests not dropping
  • Fixed immortal enemies in combat involving Healer enemies
  • Fixed issue with weapons after all weapons have been unlocked
  • Fixed the soft lock when interacting with tarot shrine and the player has collected all the tarot cards
  • Fixed issue causing dungeons to not progress
  • Fixed soft lock when resurrecting ill/dissenting Followers
  • Fixed issue where a boss can die outside of map and the heart is unreachable
  • Fixed soft lock when mini boss Follower spawns too close to the wall
  • Fixed Witness enemies not returning when the player dies and resurrects mid-fight
  • Fixed decimal rounding on weapon UI
  • Implemented minor optimisations to dungeon performance
  • Fixed issue where enemies hovering above ground may not behave properly
  • Fixed game freeze when the Moth is increasing a Follower’s loyalty
  • Fixed issue causing Spikes are invisible during combat encounters with Baal, Aym and the final boss


  • Fixed issue that limited 6 Followers entering the Temple at once
  • Fixed various soft locks and locks during the Tutorial
  • Fixed bug causing Followers to disappear
  • Fixed issue where interacting or assigning work to a dying follower caused a semi-unresponsive state
  • Fixed certain bugs causing Follower quests to fail instantly
  • Fixed soft lock that occurred when interacting with Prisons
  • Fixed issue where the player cannot see the progress of building or harvesting in certain resources
  • Fixed the fuel meter incorrectly filling if the playable character walks away from the Shrine’s flame when all of the fuel has not been added
  • Fixed bug preventing the last Doctrine from being unlocked
  • Fixed Crystal Flag and Bone Pile decorations
  • Fixed soft lock when player comes back to base before building shrine with a Follower but does not have sufficient coins to build one
  • Fixed Followers getting stuck in a level-up state
  • Followers now leave when a crisis of faith quest is failed
  • Fixed Followers not harvesting crops when away from the base
  • Fixed soft lock when entering the temple whilst cleaning waste
  • Fixed soft lock when moving wrapped bodies in build mode
  • Fixed confession booth soft lock
  • Fixed Follower emotion display in notifications history
  • Fixed Omnipresence animation glitches when a button is pressed and menus are open
  • Fixed game freeze after receiving a quest from a Follower
  • Fixed issue where the Inspiration animation would loop infinitely under certain conditions

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