Game publisher gamigo announced that Aura Kingdom is getting a special Requiem of the Lost Souls patch.

The latest update for Aura Kingdom offers – amongst others – the following content:

  • New Dungeon: “Nightmare – Grief Requiem (Solo)”: Enter the Cactakara Forest to experience how suffocating it feels, as if some forces are being suppressed. The villagers say that the Dark Dragons are the source of all evil. In times of chaos, is it right or wrong to blame the Dark Dragon Zika? If you dare to find out, beware of the miasma coming from the ground!
  • New Dungeon: “Demon King Fantasies XII – Tribal Battle”: The next installment in this series of quests leads to the Ventos Prairie and one will have to wonder why the Crystal Horn behaves this way. Faced with a powerful opponent and an insurmountable wall of ice, the fate of the Crystal Horn is uncertain…
  • Update Hero Score Ranking 1st Place Reward: In addition to the usual prizes, you can get Feyna’s Cursed Horn. If players defeat Feyna, they will receive a special treasure chest that offers a chance to get Eidolon fragments.
  • Upgrade the skills of the following Eidolons: Sif, Ares, Summer Alucard, Summer Nidhogg and Tsukuyomi.

The Prism Collection and Anti-Epidemic Attack events are still active.

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