Trove players who enter the Fae Forest will have to be on alert as gamigo is kicking off the Lunar Plunge game event. With twisted wolves.

The Q’bthulhu have invaded the forest and players can take part in an 8-step questline facing off against them.

For Lunar Plunge 2022, Trovians can participate in a new 8-step questline that has them fighting Shadowbound Wolves, Chaosbound Wolves, and The Alpha alongside High Priest Lunavic and Tauri. While the Shadowbound and Chaosbound Wolves can be defeated by normal means of thwacking them with weapons and abilities, players are going to need the power of Solar Seals to defeat The Alpha. Those mighty enough to save corrupted wolves during Lunar Plunge may end up with a tamed mount version of the beast.

Lunar Plunge 2022 is now available on PC and console.

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