NARAKA is getting a brand new hero named Zipin Yin this August 19th along with a new map. A trailer was released today and you can watch it below.

As part of an overall development plan to lower the learning curve in the game, Zipin Yin will be the perfect starting point for players new to NARAKA’s fast-paced action. As a healer, she can use her Aromatherapy ability to help restore health and armour to allies, as well as increasing damage reduction.

Players who log in on August 19th will get the Duel Blades Legendary, Kurumi, Viper Ning skins for free.

NARAKA is also running a free trial, alongside a 50% discount event, the details for which you can find below:

Free trial

Start: *00:00 @08/19 (GMT+8) | 09:00 @08/18 (PDT)

End: *01:00 @08/23 (GMT+8) | 10:00 @08/22 (PDT)

50% Discount

Start: *00:00 @08/19 (GMT+8) | 09:00 @08/18 (PDT)

End: *00:00 @08/30 (GMT+8) | 09:00 @08/29 (PDT)

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