We’ve taken this post to introduce our latest venture at Gaming Access Weekly, a new podcast! We’re calling it Patch Notes: A Podcast by Gaming Access Weekly. (We <3 good branding.)

For real, though, we put a lot of thought into the name. (Other than the fact it sounds cool.) Patch notes are what developers use to tell us, players, about what’s changing and what’s new in their games. As you look at them, you see the game change and evolve hopefully to a better place. And that’s what we hope to do at Patch Notes. Games journalism is an ever-evolving field that we’re all excited to be part of, and we’re hoping you join us on our journey.

Episode 1 is full of laughs, tangents, and then some. (Hence the name!) We shared opinions on some of the big news stories of the past week and dove a bit deeper into Embracer’s recent surprise acquisitions.

We’re taking what we learned from recording this episode and hopefully shake some things up for Episode 2, which will primarily feature Opening Night Live!

With that, here are the notes for Episode 1!

Listen | Spotify | Apple | Google | Anchor.fm | (We’ll update when it becomes available on Google!)

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Time Stamps

  • 00:25 | Introductory round table
  • 12:45 | Rollerdrome’s rise
  • 30:00 | 2022 gamescom craziness!
  • 46:35 | Disney/Marvel Games Showcase
  • 52:50 | Embracer Group Deep Dive
  • 1:09:00 | Outro



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