Every time a Legend launches on Apex that genuinely shakes things up, they are bound to get slapped with a nerf because the player base deems them overpowered. Sometimes I wonder if the gaming community understands the term “OP” because they sure do like to cry out the phrase whenever something new comes around that they haven’t combated in the game yet. Occasionally, it’s true. When the bow launched a few seasons ago, it did too much damage, and some argue why it’s in the game. Often, though, the terms “OP” and “broken” are buzzwords thrown around by salty players who can’t handle an ass kicking or something coming along and shaking up what they’re used to going up against.

What does this have to do with Vantage? Well, let’s talk about her and see if she did launch “broken” like the bow, or did she get a drive-by from the community like Seer did when he launched?

I can sit here and scream until I am purple in the face about how I don’t think Seer was that bad and that his nerf went a little too far, but that isn’t the point of this article. The new kid on the block is Vantage, and I have some quick tips with a character breakdown to get you an advantage on the battlefield.

Scout’s Honor-

Vantage (Xiomara Contreras) came to the Apex games hoping to somehow get her mom freed from prison. Her mother only ended up there because Vantage went snooping around an old prisoner transport ship that crashed on the planet before Vantage was born. Vantage’s mom was a prisoner on that ship when it landed there, and when it crashed, she fled and raised her daughter to be an excellent hunter, teaching her how to live off the land. Vantage brings all those skills to the games in several ways.

Vantage’s tactical ability allows her some great movement potential. She will send out her bat Echo about 40 meters away and can jump to him with her boosters. You can increase this distance in many ways. Once you throw Echo out, you can move back about fifteen additional meters and get a more significant jump. In the air, you can turn, and when you reach the point where Echo is, you can jump away from him for extra distance, much like a bounce pad. This technique has helped me relocate out of a fight or push in at a new angle numerous times. Another thing to note here is that Echo has a much higher vertical reach than he does horizontally.

So let’s say the ring is moving on King’s Canyon, and you have two options. Push the team you know is in front of you and probably die or try to relocate. If you were near Capacitors outer wall, you could throw Echo up and use him to clear the huge wall that separates that location from Labs. I used it last night in a ranked match, and it completely caught that team off guard. Be aware, though; players can track you in the air with Echo, and skilled players will take you out. You can also shorten flight time by crouching in the air, it will pull your weapon out faster to let you get back into a firefight quickly.

That’s a lot of Damage-

Sniper’s Mark is Vantage’s ultimate ability and is incredibly useful. About every forty seconds, Vantage gets a bullet added to her rifle; it holds up to five bullets. Shooting someone with these bullets will stack a damage multiplier on that enemy for a few seconds, and your teammates get a 15% damage buff to that person. If you hit someone multiple times with her rifle, it will also hit for more damage. The first time is generally 50, it can be more with the headshot multiplier, and the next time is 100, and then you can easily knock someone after that if you haven’t already.

Hitting an enemy with the rifle will momentarily highlight them with an orange dot for the team. This seems not to last as fast as it’s supposed to, as I’ve had teammates say they don’t see it after Vantage hits someone. One of the ways Vantage is kept in line with this is when she hits someone; as long as they go behind cover it typically unmarks them.

That brings me to her passive, the Spotter’s Lens. Like Seer’s Heartbeat, Vantage can use this ability without a weapon equipped. Spotter’s Lens allows her to scout the area for teams; they’ll be highlighted for her, and she can tell her team what armor they have and how many are alive on that team. It’s an excellent gauge of whether a team is worth pushing or avoiding. Another benefit Vantage has a bullet drop indicator on most sights. With basically anything above a HCOG sight, a tiny dot will help players figure out where to angle the sight to hit the player. It helps a lot when sniping at a fight you want to third party.


In Season 14 of Apex Legends, close-quarters combat is the name of the game. There have been a lot of changes in the game; the added laser sights help submachine guns dominate, and the Eva-8 is a monster since it takes stocks, has double tap, reloads faster, and has the firing rate stack with the shotgun bolt.

Funnily enough, I tend not to run a sniper rifle with Vantage since she already has one in her kit. Lately, I have been running the old reliable R-301 or an Alternator as my primary weapon. I have a lot of weapons that work as a secondary; the PK is great, and the Volt dominates as either a secondary or primary. It’s hard to pass up a Wingman, especially now that it takes sniper ammo and the skull piercer does 113 damage with a headshot.

What I am saying is feel free to mix it up. 99% of the weapons are viable now, so that you can succeed in several ways. It’s pretty satisfying to slap an enemy with a bullet from Vantage’s ult, then swap to a charged sentinel to knock someone with 212 damage, since the damage stacks on an enemy after they get hit with Vantage’s ult. It makes the Kraber hit hard too.

To close it out, Vantage lands in a great spot. She didn’t break the meta, but she can challenge it. I hope that if she does get a nerf, it isn’t an extreme one. She’s in a great place and doesn’t need to be tweaked much. I haven’t had fun like this since Seer launched in game, and that worries me. It felt like the second I started to have fun after he launched, it was taken away because of his nerfs. I hope the same doesn’t happen to Vantage.