MADiSON is a dark psychological horror inspired by Konami’s PT. With players attempting to survive a deadly ritual as a demonic force haunts you. The chilling setting offers periods of dread and uncertainty and the challenging puzzles that block your path. Adhering to classic survival horror concepts down to the pointless inventory management system. It’s unfortunate that a damaging glitch can destroy entire playthroughs.

MADiSON has you in control of Luca, a seemingly nobody locked in a home. Eventually, you learn that a demon has chosen you to complete a dark ritual that requires horrifying acts. As the game continues you learn about Luca’s life and how this haunting has changed his entire life.

The primary tool in this journey is a camera that allows players to bridge between 2 worlds. Much of the game focuses on puzzle solving by collecting tools to open up new paths. Some of these puzzles are extremely challenging and time-consuming such as a candle puzzle requires the player to travel between time periods and run through mazes. If you were a fan of old-school Resident Evil games this flow will be familiar. For newcomers, it’ll become frustrating as you attempt to find the correct path.

There are dangers in the way of specific encounters. These nightmarish creatures appear during distinct moments of the game and usually involve running away or using your camera. Combat is mostly non-existent and you’ll spend a lot of time running or using your tools to scare them away.

The biggest appeal of MADiSON is the atmosphere. The visual and audio design brings the entire dreaded situation to life. Whether it’s getting flashes of the demon haunting Luca or traveling through bleak hallways. Much of the game takes place in a house but you’ll travel through various locations that bend reality.

Players will need to manage their inventory but it’s pointless all things considering. Inventory management is a strength when having to balance recovery and other items but here it’s meaningless. Since death happens after a single hit and your only offensive item is your camera it makes no sense that you cannot carry everything. All it does is create unnecessary back and forth for certain items when your inventory fills up.

Now for the most significant issue, a massive glitch. During my 3 playthroughs of MADiSON on PS5, I was only able to complete 1 of them. This is because a significant error during saving completely destroys the save file. The only option is to restart the entire game. The developers are aware of this issue and a fix was promised when the game went public. I waited for the game to go public for this reason but the fix is not here yet. As far as I can see the issue doesn’t exist in the other versions of the game. This glitched only happened during the last 1/3 of the adventure and it was crushing having to repeat everything again.

MADiSON delivers a chilling experience with heavy inspiration from classic horror titles. The heavy puzzle focus leads to some challenging puzzles in the 3-hour run time. The biggest problem is a fixable issue that is currently still present. Once resolved then MADiSON will be a must-play for horror fans.

MADiSON Review
  • Strong Atmosphere
  • Tension
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Game Breaking Bug on PS5
  • Unnecessary Inventory Management
7Overall Score
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