GTA VI is on everyone’s minds after the third re-release of GTA V. With a new report from Jason Schreier stated massive changes to Rockstar Games including GTA VI’s development.

According to the report, Rockstar Games has been overhauling the studio since 2018. Canceling Cops n Crooks after the George Floyd protests and removing all transphobic jokes in GTAV. With morale at the company soaring to new heights.

Production of GTA VI has been slow due to the pandemic but the game will take place on modern-day Vice Day. The main character is a Latina woman but little is known about her. Its been a while since the franchise had a main playable female for the campaign, not since GTA 1 which had multiple female protagonists.

Reports have indicated that Rockstar Games pulled all resources to work on GTA VI after the failure of GTA Definitive Edition and the massive backlash of GTA V on PS5 and Xbox Series along with GTA Plus. Canceling the Xbox Series and PS5 versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 and placing all other projects on hold.

Rockstar Games was once known for testing the boundaries of open-world design but recently is more focused on GTA Online. Considering it’s one of the most successful entertainment products of all time it isn’t surprising. However, many fear this will affect the quality of GTA VI after the horrible launch of GTA Definitive Edition and the 3rd re-release of GTA V. Many gamers are afraid that Rockstar’s quality assurance no longer exists.

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