Guardians can take part in the Solstice event starting today. With a chance to get the legendary Stasis Hand Cannon and new rewards.

Those who dive into the event will get a redesigned Solstice armor and the chance to play the Bonfire Bash. This event has players facing waves of enemies.

In the Eververse a new range of summer-themed cosmetics is available to fight against the heat. This includes a new Event to earn free rewards.

Players can earn a new Seal in Solstice, completing Event Challenges to earn the new title Flamekeeper and the ability to purchase the corresponding collectible medallion pin. Those who complete the introductory Solstice quest will also be able to pick up the exclusive Solstice 2022 shirt. These items are unlocked through the Bungie Rewards program and will be available for purchase on the Bungie Store.

Destiny 2 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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