The Quarry’s story will continue regardless of who lives or dies, but if you want to get everyone killed we have the best ways to do so.


  1. When heading to the tree house immediately head up the trap door and Max will kill Emma, and fail all QTEs.
  2. Failing zipline QTE.


  1. Jacob can be shot by Ryan after the lake scene. When playing as Ryan and calling out to the forest for whatever is moving, shoot the area to kill Jacob.
  2. If you got the rotor arm, failing the QTE and not detangling when attempting to get free will kill Jacob.
  3. When on the island to find Emma, failing all QTEs will allow Max to kill Jacob


  1. When Nick is transforming, don’t shoot him to get Abi killed.
  2. If Emma is infected, when she transforms, head to the stairs or fail the QTE when attempting to climb the ladder.


  1. Pull out the knife after being stabbed by Bobby to get Ryan to bleed to death.
  2. Refuse to let Laura infect you to have Ryan bleed to death even if he kills Chris.
  3. When facing Chris Hackett, fail the QTE to get Ryan killed.
  4. Travis kills Ryan if Travis kills Laura and you fail QTE.
  5. Dies in the car crash by choosing the “Shoot” option as Laura


  1. Failing to keep Abi or Emma alive will result in Kaitlyn heading to the kitchen which will result in death regardless of choice unless she’s infected and heads into the freezer.


  1. Failing the blowtorch QTE on the crane.
  2. Failed to shoot Max during the fight in the lounge.
  3. Emma or Abi is not alive to give Kaitlyn the silver shells to kill Caleb.


  1. Failing to Kill Chris.
  2. Choose to shoot Travis in the jail flashback will result in Travis killing Laura even if is cured.
  3. Died in the car crash for shooting to shoot
  4. Failing to shoot Silas after the car crashes


  1. Shooting Chris will cure Max, allowing you to control him. Choose to swim to shore to get Max killed.

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