Keeping everyone alive in The Quarry isn’t easy since some of the characters lack common sense. But that’s why we are here, to give you advice on how to keep everyone alive.

Common Rules

Fortunately, succeeding in QTEs is generally favorable in ensuring everyone lives. The best way to ensure complete success is to head to the accessibilities option and increase the timer for QTEs and disable breathing events.


  1. Before heading up the treehouse make sure to check the bags.
  2. Doesn’t matter if you use mace or the taser but the taser allows for the photo option for collectibles and getting the full epilogue ending.
  3. Use mace when cornered by Max
  4. When at the zipline, reel it in slow
  5. Make sure to remain hidden when Bobby and Jeb are seen after capturing werewolf Nick
  6. Head up the ladder, this is necessary to save Kaitlyn and Dylan


  1. Do not throw dirt in Bobby’s face, the blood will keep him safe.
  2. Complete all QTEs
  3. If underwater, make sure to detangle and not pull. The same goes for the bear trap, do not pull out your leg
  4. Save Jacob when he’s captured by the Hackett family. The solution is 1 2 2 3.


  1. Shoot Nick when he transforms
  2. If Emma is infected, head up the ladder. If Dylan headed down there earlier be ready for a QTE. Failing it or choosing the other option means death
  3. Head up the ladder regardless to save Dylan and Kaitlyn


  1. Succeed in the blowtorch QTE
  2. If you choose to shoot Caleb during the lounge fight make sure to succeed or Dylan will die
  3. Abi must be alive to give Kaitlyn the items needed to kill Caleb and save Dylan or he’ll head to the kitchen and die regardless of choices


  1. Do not remove the knife
  2. Let Laura infect you
  3. Shoot Chris
  4. Choose to take the wheel when driving
  5. Give Ryan the blood vial (Not necessary but increases chances)


  1. Abi must be alive to give Kaitlyn the silver shells or bear to lure Caleb into the freezer. Investigate the noise after fleeing from Caleb to gain access to these options. Without these options the only way to keep Kaitlyn alive is to get her infected but this will result in Dylan’s death regardless of the choices made after.


  1. Must use the needle to put Travis to sleep. Grab the needle from the locker on the second floor and hide it in the brick slot on the left side of the bed. Using the gun will cause Travis to kill Laura regardless if she is cured.
  2. Shoot Chris as Ryan to save Laura.
  3. Grab the wheel when using the car.


  1. Make sure to remain on the island.

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