The Tarot cards provide insight into future events to help players in The Quarry survive. Along with an achievement linked to finding them all.

A complete video is available above.

  1. The Fool

After heading into the ditch as Laura in search of the women you’ll instantly find The Fool by going up.

2. Temperance

After heading into the lounge as Jacob head to the kitchen. The kitchen is on the right of leaving the library.

3. The Hanged Man

When deciding between 2 paths as Abi and Nick, take Rocky Road. The card is on the left path, you’ll find it on the cliff as the camera pans out.

4. The Tower

After truth and dare, you’ll take control of Abi. Head down the path Abi’s is on and take a left. Follow the path and take another left to find the card.

5. The Star

After Jacob and Emma’s talk at the lake, you’ll head out to find towels. This one is impossible to miss as you walk away from Emma.

6. The Magician

When taking control of Emma on the island, turn around and head to the lake. You’ll find the card at the end of the wooden boardwalk.

7. Strength

This is easily missable. During the cutscene as the councilors take Nick into the lounge after picking him up from the wheel barrel, you’ll have a catch to grab the card. Just keep taping A.

8. The Devil

Head towards the tree and walk in between the picnic tables.

9. Hermit

When by the PA station, it’s on the left side by the antenna.

10. Justice

As Jacob, head through the wooden path. When heading down, take a left and you’ll find Justice.

11. Moon

In the second shower by the windows.

12. The World

As Laura, walks towards the bed and back to the bars. This will shift the camera to find the card.

13. The Chariot

When exploring the police station head in the middle of the 4 desks to shift the camera.

14. The Lovers

After falling into the mine and leaving the first area, you’ll find a small area on the left. Take it to shift the camera and find the Lovers.

15. Wheel of Fortune

After Laura pulls off the planks leading through the mines you’ll find this one. It’s unmissable.

16. The Empress

When taking control of Ryan head left to find the Empress

17. Emperor

Head to the previous room where you found the Empress, with rum barrels on the walls. Walk through to find the card.

18. Death

After Ryan gets stabbed, you’re inside Bobby’s room. Head to the dress on the left side of the room and walk around by the dresser to shift the camera.

19. The Sun

After escaping the Hackett family and retaking control of Laura head up the stairs. When around the face Jed head towards the window to shift the camera.

20. Judgment

As Dylan is in the scrapyard, after opening the door to the main area and triggering the next scene head up. You’ll find some cargo containers, take the stairs on top and take a right to find the card.

21. The Hierophant – Emma and Abi must be alive

When you take control of Abi inside the cellar of the lounge head towards the stairs leading outside. The card is there.

22. The High Priestess

When taking control of Kaitlyn in the final battle take the stairs on the right and the next set of stairs up. The final card is here in the middle of the attic.

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