Indie titles are truly amazing and this week puzzle gamers have something to look forward to. With Freshly Frosted coming this June 10th.

This title has players sorting out donuts using conveyor belts to direct donuts to frost, sprinkle, whipped cream, and cherry machines. Each level will introduce new machines and players will have to navigate new challenges each time.


  • 144 unique puzzles across 12 different seasonally themed worlds (that’s a dozen dozen!)
  • Friendly and soothing voice over narrative guides players through each level
  • Sound effects are satisfyingly on beat and keep players dancing along to the music
  • Each world introduces new mechanics, such as splitters, cloners, gates, and pushers to ensure gameplay never gets stale
  • Full accessibility options including hints for every level, adjustable text size and input cooldown, and more

Place conveyor belts to direct donuts through frosting, sprinkle, whipped cream, and cherry machines to their delivery counters accompanied by a soothing and comforting narrative. Each world introduces a new machine to help or hinder your puzzle solving – cloners, pushers, splitters, randomizers, and more will excite and delight as you craft the perfect donut.

Freshly Frosted launches on Steam, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation this June 10th.

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