The grand reveal of Sonic Frontier’s gameplay was met with an underwhelming reception. The new combat trailer has been mostly positive though.

The trailer shows Sonic facing 3 types of enemies, 3 commons and 1 boss colossus. The first enemy is a collection of orb machines that require Sonic to beat into submission, revealing the inner drone. The second enemy requires Sonic to run around the machine to dissolve its barrier before attacking the weak point.

Sonic has more attack options than a homing attack. He’s able to punch, launch enemies by circling them, and perform a mid-range shock wave attack. He also has a ground pound attack.

A final enemy is a colossus machine where Sonic runs up the enemy and attacks from above. The first set of enemies highlights the best part of the demo, with Sonic rushing on top of the enemy and smashing its weak points.

The combat demo is more appealing but still highlights existing issues with the game. The biggest is Sonic’s speed which seems slower than usual. The music, while good, just doesn’t fit well with Sonic as he’s more known for high adrenaline.

Sonic Frontiers launches this December for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

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