Exploring the oceanic floors can incite feelings of excitement and dread. Silt seeks to accomplish both by having players take control of a lone diver. Exploring the vast oceans teeming with unknown horrors and deadly aquatic predators. It’s a short journey but the adventure leaves a profound impression as you piece together what exactly happened.

Silt’s journey is kept cryptic, with the world explaining the narrative through what is shown to the player. Large architectures, huge factories, dormant creatures and so much provide a story. It’s not direct and players will have to piece the journey’s purpose from the surroundings, which could lead to a lot of popular theories. As seen with games from Playdead.

The gameplay is kept simple. As the diver, you must possess various creatures to navigate puzzles and swim through hostile waters. The possession mechanic is easy to grasp, you take control of a creature and can use it to interact with the world. With the diver capable of chaining together possessions but having to keep their body in tack. If the body is destroyed you die and the diver is very fragile.

Not all the powers have the best controls. There’s a fish that allows for dashing and it’s common for the ability to not respond or refuse to trigger. It can be annoying during specific sections that require this ability but every other fish works well enough.

The goal is to drain the power of powerful creatures within each area. Each section of the game ends with a powerful creature that involves a puzzle-related boss fight. Thankfully checkpoints are generous and when killed respawning takes a few seconds.

The only other optional objective is collecting dead divers. These aren’t too well hidden and can be obtained casually. Other than that, Silt is a short journey that can take around 2 hours to complete. It’s a short but exciting journey that really seeks to keep the player guessing right until the end.

Silt is a short but extremely refreshing adventure that preys on what secrets the ocean can hold. The story is cryptic and the journey short but leaves you wondering. Asking what happened and searching for answers as you venture again into the deep dark oceans.

Silt Review
  • Dark Atmosphere
  • Clever Enemy Design
  • Excellent Art Direction
  • Short
  • Cryptic Story
9Overall Score
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