Silt has a new patch available right now. Adding new graphical settings such as full-screen exclusive or full-screen window modes.

Some of the patch notes below do contain spoilers so you’ve been warned.

  • Added screen-mode option to graphics settings menu. Allows full-screen exclusive or full-screen windowed modes.
  • Fixed a bug where the diver taking damage at the same moment they exit a level could cause the game to hang.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unexpected behaviour when the diver died while holding the possession button.
Gameplay & Balancing Improvements
  • Removed one of the . This makes the puzzle solution more straightforward to execute once the player has figured it out, giving the player more room to .
  • Removed and repositioned some of . This makes the traversal of this room slightly more forgiving and less frustrating.
  • Prevented a soft-lock that could occur in Chapter 4, Scene 7  where the player could .
  • Tweaked possession behaviour so that it never targets the creature the player is currently in control of. This helps in situations where the player is trying to possess in a tight space, such as , and should reduce frustrating “mis-possessions”.

Silt is now available for PS4, PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, and Switch.

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