One of the most shocking recent stories was Kojima Productions announcing they’re working on a new project with Microsoft. After this many wondered if Kojima was cutting ties with Sony.

As shown in the tweet above, Kojima Productions conveyed they have a really good relationship with SIE. One could make the argument that Death Stranding didn’t perform as well as Sony hoped but the title did sell millions of copies. Despite polarizing reception, the title had mostly positive reviews for its unique take on a post-apocalyptic world.

Kojima made it clear from the tweet they want to remain independent. Microsoft and Sony have been purchasing studios Microsoft has been focusing more on supplementing Game Pass rather than console exclusives. Sony has been doubling down on exclusive IPs to push PlayStation further.

This is my guess, Sony perhaps offered to purchase Kojima Productions to keep future projects under the PlayStation umbrella. Sony has shown they want to keep development of exclusive games internal, such as purchasing Returnal developer Housemarque and Bluepoint Games. Hideo Kojima has a long and fruitful history of providing the company with some of the greatest exclusive PlayStation games of all time but given what happened with Konami it’s unlikely Hideo Kojima wanted to go through that again. Instead desiring to maintain his independence. As for going with Xbox, my guess is that Microsoft simply had the better offer in publishing the company’s next game.