Hello Neighbor 2’s beta is getting a new patch today. Resolving a lot of problems and changing the ability to trigger the final cutscene using a glitch.

The complete update is available below.

The baker properly gets rid of items inside the residence in a timely manner
– The baker also places key in cabinet once & places it correctly from inside
– Cutscene fixes – including turning Quentin to face the correct direction
– Overall fixes to UI, button callouts, and interact icon prompts on all platforms
– Missing poster does not clip through the tree & is visible nailed to the trunk
– Lightpoles light up correctly and point correct direction during the cutscene
– Day/night cycle smoothed out – take a break and admire the sunset! 🌇
– Quentin no longer gets stuck on ladder while accessing pause menu
– All quests now display on pinboard as you progress through quests
– Camera mounting on corner surfaces and horizontal controls fixed
– Mayor no longer gets stuck in the cycle of opening & closing doors
– Bug fixes + various under the hood improvements & optimizations
– When language is changed to Japanese text no longer flickers
– The taxidermist’s materials now lie correctly on work table
– Taxidermist recipe paper now loads correctly on save reload
– All wood textured keyholes corrected to have metal texture
– Quests no longer disappear from pinboard on game restart
– Jumping on stairs in barn no longer breaks controls
– Quentin’s watch (notifications) and locational triggers corrected
– When using the bed audio now plays correctly
– Some save, settings, and menu function fixes
– Door loading and operation fixes throughout
– Guest should now catch Quentin as intended
– Items no longer float when placed in trash
– Passage of time now triggers appropriately
– Officer Keith no longer gets stuck outside
– Quentin should now hold items correctly
– Quentin can no longer get stuck in barn
– Light hue and brightness corrections
– Various texture fixes throughout
– Camera sensitivity fixes
– Freeze and crash fixes
– Collision fixes

What’s changed:
– Final cutscene can no longer be triggered by climbing through window – sorry speed runners
– Heavy door in Neighbor’s House can now be opened from one side only
– You can no longer activate the siren from outside the closed window
– You can no longer observe AI with camera if they are too far away
– Tv station window can no longer be entered from either direction
– If you actually read this far leave a potato emoji in the reactions
– Boards can no longer be taken from their respective locations
– You are prompted to save your changes upon exiting the menu
– Camera sensitivity is now increased by default on PC
– Boards can no longer be torn off from the back side
– Door on 2nd floor of Peterson house is now blocked
– Inventory is now lock

Hello Neighbor 2 is now in beta access for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.