Fans of visual novels can now try the upcoming Hauma, which has a new demo now available through Steam for Steam Summer Fest.

Set in Munich players follow former detective Judith who is attempting to uncover a conspiracy regarding the upper echelons of society. The demo will include 10 minutes of the adventure. The game also has a 10-minute demo available on for free. To play, you will need to sign up for our newsletter to receive the demo link and code.


  • Immerse yourself within the narrative as you engage with the depths of society from Judith’s perspective.
  • Investigation mechanics, letting you piece together clues/evidence to progress.
  • Explore beautiful locations inspired by historical and mythological folklore.
  • A fully voiced, cinematic adventure featuring a charismatic cast of characters.
  • The thrilling prologue is available now, but Judith’s story truly begins later this year with the episodic release of Hauma Season One.

Hauma is set for a Q4 2022 release.

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