VergeWorld is a high-octane combat racer and now you can try the game’s demo on Steam which includes 3 flight missions.

The demo introduces the game’s main character Nix and his backstory. Players will take part in basic gameplay, customization, and a mini-boss fight to end the demo.

Key game features of VergeWorld include:

  • Procedurally generated levels
  • High-speed combat racing with third-person view bullet hell fights
  • Airship’s highly customizable arsenal
  • 3 alien biomes to navigate
  • PSX-era 3D graphics with pixel art and a splash of modern inspiration
  • Nostalgic 16-bit tunes mixed with a synthwave soundtrack

VergeWorld will release on Steam and other PC storefronts in the fall of 2022. Console versions are planned for the future as well.

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