Deliver Us Mars has players attempting to recover life-saving technology known as arks in this epic adventure through space. And it’s coming this September 27th.

The main character Kathy is looking for technology that can save the rapid-declining Earth but was stolen by an organization called Outward years ago. Kathy’s father was part of the first people sent to Mars but joined Outward when leaving the planet.

Players will progress in Deliver Us Mars by conquering platforming challenges, solving complex puzzles, scuba diving, floating in zero gravity and even executing a thrilling launch sequence inside a spaceship. They’ll experience a stunning depiction of Mars as they explore its sandy planetary surface, the interiors of the enormous ARK vessels, icy valleys and abandoned colonies – not to mention sections of the game set on Earth and the Moon. With an action-packed story that mixes epic stakes, personal drama and an unsettling larger mystery, players will uncover the truth behind the disappearance of Outward’s colonists and learn the fate of Kathy’s father.

Deliver Us Mars launches on September 27th for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. PlayStation Plus users will be eligible for a pre-order discount.


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