Core Keeper is one of the biggest games of the year and today the developers confirmed the early access title has reached 1 million copies sold.

Core Keeper has you surviving alone or with friends in an unknown cavern. The area is teeming with biomes, enemies, and unknown discoveries.

The developers thanked the fanbase for the support.

We’re delighted to announce that, shortly after the launch of The Sunken Sea Update – our first major content update – Core Keeper hit 1,000,000 sales. This is a momentous occasion for us as developers and for our publisher, Fireshine Games. In fact, Core Keeper previously set the record for being Fireshine Games’ fastest-selling digital game of all time by selling 100,000 copies within its first two days of Early-Access launch.

We’re truly overwhelmed by the fantastic community response that Core Keeper has had, and we’re thrilled to have hit this milestone so early on in the games’ development. Launching in Early Access has given us a unique opportunity to involve the community in major game decisions and collaborate with them on improvements and optimisations.

That’s why we want to express our gratitude to our amazing community now that we’ve hit 1,000,000 sales. From our vibrant Twitter followers to our colourful Discord members, the fine folk in the Steam Discussions, and all our other community members across the world, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your support, enthusiasm, and feedback!

We hope you have an amazing time exploring the Sunken Sea Biome. With every step on your Core Keeper journeys, you’re one step closer to uncovering the secrets of The Core!

Core Keeper is now available in early access on PC.

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