Aliens Fireteam Elite has a new patch resolving more issues players have been facing. The campaign update is still set for August.

The update fixes various issues including reload animations for the Heirloom Standoff, Lancer Horde Slayer skin issues, and intel problems.


Patch deployment times may vary by platform.  We have implemented the following changes:


  • Fixed an issue with the reload animation on the Heirloom Standoff weapon.


  • LANCER: The Lancer Horde Slayer Kit Skin should now properly unlock for players who complete Horde Mode on Extreme or higher difficulties, and unlock automatically for players who have previously completed Horde Mode on Extreme or higher difficulties.


  • Entries for each topic in the Intel menu should now be ordered according to the relative locations they are found in each Campaign.


  • Fixed a memory related issue that sometimes resulted in a crash.

Aliens Fireteam Elite’s upcoming campaign update launches this August.

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