Starfield and Redfall were set to launch this year despite little footage of both titles. Redfall had leaked footage but Starfield has nothing. With both titles delayed to 2023.

Despite Starfield having a specific date of 11/11/2022, this delay is probably for the best. Bethesda has had a mixed track record for many of its games. Fallout 76 was such a disaster it plummeted the studio’s reputation and Wolfenstein: Youngblood is often cited as one of the worse games of the last generation. Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo received a mixed reception with Deathloop getting critical praises from critics but not fans and the reverse for Ghostwire Tokyo. Since the company is now owned by Microsoft they likely have more time to deliver on solid games.

The red flags are still there. Without gameplay, many wondered about the game’s stability but with more time hopefully, these games will release in stable states.

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