Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 has you heading deeper into the factory in hopes of escaping. But that means more VHS tapes, here’s where they are.

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Tape 1.

After entering Elliot Ludwig’s office you’ll find the tape on his desk and the TV right of the door’s entrance.

Tape 2

After heading through the tunnel and turning on the power to the Green hand manufacturing center. The tape is on the control panel and the TV on the left side of the room.

Tape 3

When inside the rejected toy room, head to the stairs to the upper area. Turn around and you’ll find the tape on a ladder and the TV in the upper area opposite the button for the lift.

Tape 4

After Kissy Missy lets you into the area, follow the puzzle until you reach the second section of the area. The tape is right by the TV on the floor. You cannot miss it.

Tape 5

At the water treatment area, you can find the tape by the Game Station door. Just walk across and use the Grabpack. The TV is at the entrance of the area.

Tape 6

After escaping Mommy Long Legs, you’ll come to another puzzle involving more generators. Inside the locked electrical panel, on the lower left side, is the tape. Grab it with E and in the locked room you open using the Green hand is the TV.

Tape 7

After killing Mommy Long Legs you’ll come to a series of walkways going up. Eventually, you’ll see a VHS tape player on the ground, on the ground directly in front is the tape.

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