Poppy Playtime’s major story plot points are told through optional VHS tapes hidden throughout the chapter. Here’s all Chapter 1’s VHS tape locations.

Tape 1

When starting the game the tape is on the desk, and on the right is the TV.

Tape 2

Head to the right when entering and locate the toy train above. The color pattern red, yellow, pink, and green opens the locked area on the left. Inside is the second tape needed to progress.

Tape 3

When you need to locate batteries for the crane, hop down, and on the left side you’ll see a shelf almost toppled over. Inside the gap on the left shelf is the tape. Behind the steel door, highlighted with handprints is the TV.

Tape 4

After crawling through the vent you need to climb some stairs. Up you need to extend the bridge, on the right is the tape. The TV is by the foot at the top of the stairs you used.

Tape 5

After defeating Huggy Wuggy you’ll find the tape on the floor. When the path diverts left for the flower room door and right you’ll find the tape on the floor. On the right path is the TV.


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