Saving Captain Kirrahe during the raid on Saren’s facility isn’t well known but it is possible. Here’s how to save Captain Kirrahe.

The first major decision is deciding Ashley or Kaiden. Whoever you choose will live when you save Kirrahe but the other will die.

When dropping in there’s an outpost on the right side. Head up the ramp, on the left side is an interactive panel, use it to disable communications.

Shepard will come across another outpost soon after. Kirrahe will make note of comm. stations and you’ll see one. Shoot the satellite on top and a prompt will appear confirming its destruction.

Coming to narrow walkways Ashley or Kaiden will make note that aircrafts are heading to be refueled. Take a right and head away from the next outpost, if you trigger it Kirrahe will die. Head to the back to find Geth Assault Drones. Destroy the fueling station and destroy the Geth, another prompt will appear confirming success.

Head to the main facility and when inside Shepard will have 2 options. Disable the alarm and do not trigger the alarm’s on the other side.

The last option is when choosing to head back for the bomb or the person you left with Kirrahe. Choose to save Kirrahe and his squad and Kirrahe will be seen on your ship. Acknowledging your sacrifices and becoming a major ally in Mass Effect 3.

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