Mass Effect’s first major mission is saving Liara T’Soni. You don’t have to do this immediately but waiting too long will lock her out as a romance. If you complete Feros and Norvreia before this unique dialogue will be provided.

Liara can be found in the Artemis Tau Cluster in Knossos on Therum. Therum is on the upper right corner of the map. The best options here are Tali for the Geth and Garrus for long-range.

Once landed, follow the path and take out Geth in your way. When you get to the main outpost your allies will make note of it being suicidal. Take a right, destroy the turrets, and head inside. The gate controls are on the right from entering in the left facility. Exit, head inside, and open the gate.

You’ll eventually need to leave the MAKO and head out on foot. Taking out Geth you’ll eventually encounter an Armature. Don’t take this thing on directly, instead, stand back and take on the surrounding Geth first. Especially the Geth in the back using sniper or assault rifles. Once destroyed take out the Armature.

When inside make your way down. You’ll find Liara in a field asking for help. Head down, destroy the Geth, and unlock the laser. For PlayStation it’s X, Square, Circle, Triangle, and then Square. For Xbox consoles it’s A, X, B, Y, and then X. PC is random.

Once unlocked, head to find Liara and trigger the Krogan Boss Fight. The Battlemaster will charge, the best tactic is to take him out first before the Geth or he’ll keep striking your party. With the Krogan dead you can leave.

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