Like Wrex Garrus has some unfinished business involving his past. Unlike the Krogan who wants something back, Garrus wants someone dead. A deadly Salarian doctor who grew and harvested organs from poor people.

Dr. Saleon is now acting under the name Dr. Heart. You can talk to Garrus to get the missions after Act 1 or by heading straight to the location. The MSV Fedele is located in the Kepler Verge in the Herschel system.

When inside you’ll find Test Subjects who look like Thorium Creepers. The gas grenades do not work here so take them out. Discovering Dr. Saleon in the back of the ship he’ll plead for his life but Garrus won’t have it. You have take him out or have Garrus kill him.

After Saleon is dead the following test appears.

“Saleon’s medical equipment is stained with the blood of many species. Pale blue, violet, orange… and more than a few dark red. But his work has ended here. Time to head back to the Normandy.”

If you didn’t bring Garrus his dialogue will change but thank Shepard for taking out the doctor.


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