Mass Effect 3 insanity difficultly is the final challenge for most players to take on. Here’s how to complete the insanity option with ease.

  1. Anti-Synthetic Rifle

The best weapon in the game the Anti-Synthetic Rifle can make mincemeat of enemies. To obtain it head to the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies store in the Presidium. It’s on the left of the elevator when entering the area.

2. Best Allies

The best ally in the game are Garrus and James Vega in terms of damage. Grab the N7 Typhoon rifle from the Specter Store along with extended barrel and magazine mods equip to it. Next make sure the armor he’s using increases weapon damage.

Next update Garrus with Turian Rebel with Assault Rifle damage and armor-piercing ammo that increases damage and headshot damage. This will allow Garrus to kill enemies with ease.

James Vega is the other best option. Upgrade Arms Master with increased damage and power damage with the same weapon option. Next up is incendiary ammo with personal damage. The burst option is good for surrounding enemies but you want direct damage to take out Banshees and other powerful foes. Weaker enemies should not be an issue for Shepard.

3. M-11 Suppressor

The most powerful gun in the game this weapon can kill the most powerful enemies with ease. The downside being the low ammo count. This can only be obtained from the Citadel DLC and once collected should be equipped by all allies. They’ll make short work of all weak enemies with ease.

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