Jaws of the Lion has a new DLC with Gloomhaven, bringing 25 new scenarios, 4 new mercenaries, boss fights, and more.

Jaws of the Lion brings the following new content to Gloomhaven:

  • New scenarios – The 25 scenarios from the original board game expansion are now available. These linked scenarios will embark players in a compelling and dark story, leading them to the undercity of Gloomhaven. These new Jaws of the Lion scenarios are playable in the Story campaign once the players have beaten the second scenario of the base game.
  • Four new mercenaries – In both Story and Guildmaster campaigns, players can hire the four new mercenaries in their guild, each with vastly different playstyles.
    • The Red Guard is a Valrath, exiled from their land and searching redemption as a mercenary warrior. Using their distinctive chained sickle and shield, this mercenary can manipulate the battlefield to protect their allies and deal with several opponents at once. Their peculiar weapon can keep their foes at bay before finding the perfect opportunity to strike.
    • Behind most explosions is a Quatryl, and behind most ruined buildings is the Demolionist. This mercenary comes with only 9 cards but not many burned ones. Enhancing their small body with dangerously powerful contraption, the Demolitionist is a force to be reckoned with. They can break any obstacle or enemy on their way with devastating close-range blows.
    • The Hatchet is a grim and unrelenting killing machine with a unique “Favorite” mechanic to hunt their quarry. With a lot of fast cards and mobility, this range damage-dealer mercenary can highly injure a single target.
    • Following a traumatizing event with the Void as a child, the Voidwarden has learned to use it to protect others… or turn mad those who dare oppose them. This mercenary is one of the best supports thanks to their ability to give more actions to the team.
  • New enemies and bosses – From Zealots to Chaos Demons, players will put their skills to the test with 10 new enemies.
  • New city events – 22 new events are available, offering tough choices to players.
  • New items – Players can discover 10 new items in the treasure chest they will come across during their journey.
  • New Battle Goals – 24 new Battles Goals are added to the game, giving players new ways to let down their group.

Gloomhaven – Jaws of the Lion is now available on Steam, GOG, PC and macOS for €17.99 / £13.99 / $17.99.

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