Gotham Knights is bringing gamers back to Gotham to take on the Court of Owls following Batman’s passing. A new demo was released showing off gameplay of both Nightwing and Red Hood.

We learn that Nightwing can use a glider to traveling across the city and Red Hood uses powers from the Lazarus Pit to create platforms to jump across. Nightwing has access to elemental freezing damage that temporarily stuns enemies whereas Red Head deals heavy damage with non-lethal rounds. It seems Red Hood has been altered from his homicidal acts for this game.

The trailer highlights an altered version of detective mode called Augmented Reality Vision, basically allowing the player to locate key objects. Along with a look at the RPG equipment page.

Gotham Knights will feature many systems found in the acclaimed Arkham games. The combat looks similar but the title is leaning more towards RPG elements. With an entire customization system linked to various statistic buffs. Along with more focus on elemental damage.

Considering the Arkham games are considered timeless classics and set the standard for superhero games a lot of people are expecting high quality from Gotham Knights. Killing Batman and now Red Hood using non-lethal weapons are huge risks already.

Gotham Knights is set for an October 25th release for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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