Ed needs your help and it’s about destroying Visitors or taking part in some fishing contest but instead scanning the moon from 3 locations.

This will be way easier with an advance glide and summon tengu ability. Both are earned in the skill tree with Summon Tengu being 45 points and 1 Magatama and Glide Duration requiring 25 skills total and 1 Magatama.

Without these you can find tengus in the area along with construction lifts to take you up. From where you pick the request head to the closest location, you’ll see a tengu who’ll take you halfway. Head around and use the escalator and go up using the construction lift to face some Visitors. Get to the point and trigger the scan.

The next closest point is cover in fog until you hit Chapter 4. Head towards the back to find a fire escape in the building directly behind the one you need to get on top on.

The final location is much easier. By the excavator you should see a construction lift. Head up, go right to the second one and you’ll be on top, Destroy the Visitors and cleanse the trees and scan the moon. Head back to Ed to complete the request.

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