Not all the spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo are bad, some are looking for companionship and in this case a boy wanting to play hide and seek.

There are 3 parts to this, the first has you investigating a rumor about missing children. Head to the location and you’ll find a boy by the tiger shrine. He’ll want to play with you and you have to agree. Head east and inside the building, take a left and go up some stairs on the left. Upstairs are Visitors and a empty train. You’ll find the boy in the photobooth at the end of the room. The spirit who asked you to investigate will be waiting outside the station.

After getting to Chapter 4 the boy will reappear once you cleanse most of the shrines. From the boy’s location head through the gate and up the stairs. The boy is hiding inside a small shrine on the east side but it’s locked.

Head west and you’ll see more spirits, with one of them telling you the key is on the roof of the shrine. Follow the path and you’ll find a spirit looking at the key. Use the tenjus on the right of the shrine to gain elevation and climb onto the roof to grab the key. Unlock the shrine to uncover the boy has left.

The final hide and seek mission has you locating a 7 floor building. Head to the store closest to you and you’ll find the building. Head inside and into the elevator. You’ll discover that the boy has been trapping spirits he asked to play with him.

Head down the path and towards the lake. On the left side of the lake is a shed, inside is the boy. The boy will leave to hide again after being spoken to. Hug the right wall and you’ll see platforms in the tree on the left. Use these to get across a series of platforms to find the boy.

Drop down and in the trees and head forward, the boy can be found hiding on the ground behind the tree directly in front of the fallen tree.

The boy’s last location is inside the shed. But the door is locked. Look left from facing the last and you’ll see a platform with a spirit by it, climb it and dash across to the next platform, then on top of the shed to get inside. Speak to the boy one last time to free everyone trapped inside.

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