Ghostwire: Tokyo has a lot to offer but new players may feel overwhelmed by all the areas to visit. Here are some beginner tips in your journey to save Akito’s sister.

  1. Get Spirits

Once you complete the tutorial you’ll get the ability to absorb spirits. You should be constantly gathering these as they serve as the best way to earn experience. The best place to find these are on the roofs of buildings. Gliding is the best way to get between the locations and using your grab on tengus around the city. These are marked on the map with a circle and you can summon one by earning enough skill points.

You can purchase Katashiro’s from the Nekomatas around the city if need more storage.

2. Get Good with the Bow

The bow seems like a secondary item but it can deal heavy damage and save Akito during dire situations. A good headshot can take down most Visitors or destroy umbrella shields. It is Akito’s major form of defense when split from KK.

3. Upgrade Boosted Damage First

Damage boost from hitting Visitors on the ground shouldn’t be ignored. This can make dealing with weaker Visitors much easier when facing hordes of them. Adding the melee core extraction speed will make chaining kills that much easier.

4. Complete the Nekomata Trials

Not all Nekomatas provide commodities but some ask Akito to locate items. These are found in stalls around the environment and are another form of fast travel. The general locations are provided but once you find them all Akito gains access to new cosmetics but more importantly beads. These are some of the more powerful items in the game and taking the time to complete them will pay off, making any future fight easier.

5. Don’t Avoid the Demon Parade

Sometimes the player will encounter special events in the overworld. The most predominant is rescuing spirits but rare encounters include demon parades. KK tells you to avoid them but if you’re low on experience and confident in your combat abilities, taking them on can yield lots of experience.

6. You Don’t Have to Wait for the Pattern

The cleansing patterns repeat often and if you have them memorize you can start drawing them immediately.

7. Use Your Talismans

Eventually Akito can obtain Talismans and they’re extremely powerful. These are expensive items but very useful when dealing with deadly Visitors. Stunning Visitors or automatically exposing their cores.

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