Despite the massive success of Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix’s recent games have not been performing well. Recently launched Babylon’s Fall is one of the worst games of the year and despite Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy getting positive reception from fans and critics it didn’t translate to sales. Now Square Enix is selling Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montreal, and Eidos Montreal to Embracer Group for $300 million.

This will include acclaimed IPs such as Tomb RaiderThief, Legacy of Kain, and Deus Ex. Thief and Legacy of Kain have not seen a new release in many years despite fans but Tomb Raider and Deus Ex have. The rebooted adventures of Lara Croft were met with positive reception. The same is said with Deus Ex. Tomb Raider is getting a new installment using Unreal Engine 5 as well.

The acquisition will include more than 50 back catalogs of games and may include the Marvel games as well. But that’s based on the contracts Square Enix holds with Disney.

Embracer will gain 1,100 employees around the world and Square Enix seeks to, according to a press release from VGC, “enables the launch of new businesses by moving forward with investments in fields including blockchain, AI, and the cloud”. “Going forward, the Company’s development function will comprise its studios in Japan, Square Enix External Studios, and Square Enix Collective. The Company’s overseas studios will continue to publish franchises such as Just Cause, Outriders and Life is Strange”.

Perhaps with this change we’ll get a remaster of Legacy of Kain or a new Deux Ex. 

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