Techland is notorious for the exceptional Dying Light franchise but the company has a new game in development. A brand new fantasy title.

The company is vague about what’s to come, providing 1 image of what they’re making. Techland is also hiring so you can try and apply to open positions at the company.

This isn’t new territory for Techland. The company has touched on fantasy elements in the past, with the Hellraid expansion for the first Dying Light. This expansion combined Dying Light’s mobility and combat system with dungeon crawling and fantasy elements. So combining both just seems like the next step.

Dying Light has been a huge success, with the IP selling over 25 million copies. Dying Light reached 20 million copies and Dying Light 2, which was released this year, has already sold 5 million copies. With the first story DLC coming this September.

Let’s just hope this new game doesn’t take as long to release.

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