Resident Evil Village launched all the way back in May 2021, more than a year ago. The single-player is incredible and was well worth the asking price but the upcoming multiplayer had some issues. Since the open beta back on April 21st Capcom delayed the competitive option with no release provided. After more than a year should Capcom even bother releasing this, the answer is yes.

Let’s talk multiplayer in the Resident Evil universe, it has been mostly hit and miss. Sometimes it worked, such as the cooperative options provided in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil Outbreak Shifting the game from survival-horror to action horror to mixed reception. Many praised Capcom for bringing the series back to its roots with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Resident Evil multiplayer has worked when dealing with cooperative options. Other examples include Resident Evil Mercenaries, Resident Evil Revelations 2, and Resident Evil Outbreak but when diving into the competitive options things start to take a nosedive. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City attempted this but was terribly glitchy and had horrible hit detection. Things got worse with Umbrella Corps and the spin-off multiplayer option for Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil Resistance. Umbrella Corps was an awful multiplayer balancing, with inferior animations, a poorly put-together single-player, and many more issues. Resident Evil Resistance had promise but due to poor balancing and terrible microtransactions quickly died. And now we come to Resident Evil ReVerse.

Many of the problems from past competitive Resident Evil games came full circle with the open beta testing. Jill and Claire were favorites due to their weapon options and most players would purposely get killed just to play as the mutated characters. Capcom could’ve balanced this system in the year-long delay but considering that Resident Evil Resistance continuously suffered from balancing problems despite its post-launch it’s unlikely that Re:Verse will have a better future.

Perhaps the best option at this point is just to release the mode for free and put it into maintenance mode. It may not be the most popular option but with so many other more popular options available that seems like the best option. It’s unlikely the game will gain an audience past its release and most will leave the game altogether. It seems like a cynical outlook but given most Resident Evil competitive multiplayer games traveled on the same path and the massive delay of Re:Verse likely history will repeat itself.

Capcom shouldn’t give up on multiplayer for Resident Evil but look at what works and what does not. Clearly, fans love cooperative play with Mercenaries and Raid, so why not stick to that? Offer a multiplayer special ops mode similar to Operation Raccoon City using the concepts from Resident Evil’s survival horror system. A great example of this would be GTFO, which shows it can work. Regardless, it seems that Resident Evil Re:Verse is heading towards a cliff.

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