Rumors of a Silent Hill remake have been circulating for a while now. With takedowns of seemingly officially art from notorious leaker Dusk Golem. Now a rumor is spreading that Bloober Team is charged with making a remake of Silent Hill 2.

The rumor is that Konami was going to have a reveal last year at E3 but pulled it. With E3 canceled this year it’s uncertain that if true it’ll be revealed. The rumor extends that this game will include new stories, endings, revamped puzzles, and more. Bloober Team does have a long resume of making great horror games. Titles such as The Observer and Layers of Fear are among the company’s most popular games.

Silent Hill 2 is often considered one of the best survival-horror games to ever be made. The title is beloved by many for its dark psychological horror story. Remaking such an acclaimed title would be positively received. Especially after the poor reception of the Silent Hill HD Collection.

As for Konami, the company has garnered a negative reputation since the termination of Hideo Kojima. The cancelation of Silent Hills along with more focus on mobile and pachinko machines has not been positively received. There are more rumors that Konami is seeking to license out their treasure trove of IPs but nothing has manifested from it.

In recent memory, the best thing to come from Konami’s collection of IPs is the Castlevania Netflix series.

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