ANVIL: Vault Breakers is getting a new update this May 27th, delayed from May 24th, that will add a new relic, improvements, and more.

The complete update is detailed below.

VP event

  • Amount of VP acquired until the end of the season will be doubled
  • Above information has been added to game title and season pass
  • Event will apply until the next update (late June/ early July)
New relic added

A new relic that seals healing has been added. It will help overcome monsters with heal like Protean beast and Machine Commander.

Dum-Dum Rounds

  • Limits hit enemies’ recovery amount for 5 seconds and +20% weapon power
Improvements to coupon interface
  • To prevent coupon errors, we have made it so that a coupon can be entered only once per interface
  • In addition, a coupon use fail message has been added for players to receive better feedback on the situation
Improvements to projectile effects
  • We have adjusted specific projectile effects for players to receive better feedback
Improvements to Chem-Drill Gauntlet’s time attack sequence combo effect that pulls enemies in
  • Changed from pulling enemies towards the center of the Breaker to toward the front of the Breaker
  • Easier to hit Chem-Drill Gauntlet’s laser with this change
Improvements to boss health UI when 3 or more bosses appear
  • Health gauges that appeared in the second line are now shown three per line
Bug fixes
  • Fix to players booted to lobby with Invalid Url message during multiplay
  • Fix to players returning to lobby when changing relics
  • Fixed where UI such as relics acquired did not appear during a run
  • Fixed where some upgrades remained despite resetting season upgrade points
  • Fixed where enemies that are petrified or frozen did not receive damage
  • Fixed where relics were not immediately shown in the multiplayer lobby when equipped relics were changed
  • Fixed where effect for successful survival skill use did not apply for fighter and technician type
  • Fixed some languages going beyond the UI
Ranking reset
  • All rankings are reset for the May update

ANVIL: Vault Breakers is now available for PC and Xbox through early access.

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