Charlie is one of the hardest fights in Happy’s Humble Burger Farm. Fortunately we are here and know what you need to defeat the deadly chicken.

Players will need 3 pipes throughout the area. You should get these first before triggering the fight. 1 is found in the opening area, the second is by a large painting when entering the second area immediately after the tunnel, and the final one is in the power room. The power room is on the right side of the opening area. There are more but these are the easiest to find.

Next, you need sandwich ingredients before heading into the generator room. You need to make 3 full sandwiches during the fight but getting them beforehand will make things easier. Cheese is found in the large painting in the second room, the operating room that has pickles in the corner, and the onions in the hallway leading to the generator.

Make sure you have all 3 and place them by the grill, which is located in the green room. This room is found in the hallway leading to the operating room on the left side when entertaining from the long hallway leading to the generator room. Store the items in here, they won’t despawn.

Now free Charlie from the generator room and restore the power. Match the indicators 4 times to the highlighted cone. Hide in the vent until Charlie appears and wait for the chicken to leave, if you have coffee this will be way easier.

Head down the hallway and take a right. This room contains tomatoes and another pipe if you need it. Return to the white hallway and take the vent to find more patties and a disk from the survivor.

Head to the first room where the bridge collapsed and take a left into the boiler room. Fit the pipes but Charlie will come to inspect this, you can run or hide in the lockers.

With the boiler now on head to the grill to make the sandwiches. With the burgers heading into Charlie’s room, the vent leading to the area should be open. Place the sandwiches in the feeding tray and push the button in the control room to kill it.

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