Halo Infinite has been lacking in content updates since launch, with season 2 seeking to finally add new match options.

The 2 biggest additions are King of the Hill with variants and Last Spartan Standing.

King of the Hill is self-explanatory, capture the hill and if 2 opposing players are inside the zone will remain contested until the opposing is defeated or leaves the ring. With new zones appearing throughout the map. Land Grab will provide 3 neutral zones around the map, once all 3 are captured new zones will be added and the others removed. First to 11 wins.

  • The Hill moving on strict timer clashes with opportunism; it’s really annoying to finally usurp the controlling team, only to have the Hill disappear and bank just a few points.
  • The instantaneous nature of flipping ownership spikes pace-perception (players would say the mode feels frenetic to a fault) and strains the legibility of messaging and feedback systems.
  • End-match resolution is too often too flat. The Match Timer clashes with the Hill Timer in a way that can mathematically ice the match. Conversely, even some tight matches end with a team touching the new Hill for just a few seconds, under-delivering on the hype built up by a hotly contested match.
  • Each Hill now has a Control Meter. Teams fill their Control Meter when occupying the Hill uncontested.
  • Contesting a Hill will pause Control progress.
  • When a team fills their Control Meter, they earn 1 Point.
  • Hills have a very quick Capture Time that can be paused by Contesting.
  • Hills quickly decay ownership back to Neutral when unoccupied.
  • Hills move only when a team has filled their Control Meter, “winning” that Hill.
  • Quick Play: The first Hill is always consistent (equidistant), but all Hills thereafter are randomized.
  • Ranked: The entire Hill sequence is consistent every match.
  • Matches utilize the Objective Clock mechanic. Like Oddball, the Match Timer only depletes when the Hill is unoccupied.

Last Spartan Standing is a free-for-all 12-player match on Big Team Battle maps.

Halo Infinite is now available for PC and Xbox.

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