Ghost Recon Breakpoint is one of Ubisoft’s most polarizing game. At launch it was full of technical problems and devoid of meaningful content, often relying on repetitive missions. The title has become better with patches and updates but today Ubisoft has confirmed the game is going into maintenance mode.

Ubisoft provided an official statement regarding the plan moving forward. Stating they will continue to maintain the game but Operation Motherland is the final piece of content.

This isn’t surprising as Ghost Recon Breakpoint received the same amount of development of the previous entry Wildlands. Ubisoft attempted to replicate the same formula of The Division 2 into Breakpoint to negative results.

Breakpoint was used as Ubisoft’s testing ground for the NFT service called Ubisoft Quartz that was overwhelmingly negatively received. This was the last significant update to the game and looks like Breakpoint will go into the wind with a whimper and not a bang.

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