The developers of Expedition Zero have a new patch available that not only fixes issues but adds a new item for help with detecting infected.

The update is detailed below, revealing fixes for the stamina meter disappearing and inventory issues.

  • Players will no longer lose their stamina

    when interacting with timed items while sprinting.

  • Players can no longer sprint indefinitely

    with their inventory being opened.

  • A Gas Mask

    can now be properly placed into a visor slot.

  • Added a new
    Life Form Scanner

    as a second handheld device. It will allow you to scan for nearby Zombies.

  • Fixed an issue when a backpack could sometimes change its size.
  • A number of sound effect glitches have been fixed.
  • Additional visual glitches fixes.

Despite a promising premise many found the game to have too many technical problems. The developers have been working hard to adjust these factors and Expedition Zero does have potential.

Expedition Zero is now available for PC.

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