Asmodee Digital and Doom Turtle have released a new trailer for the upcoming rogue-lite adventure Ember Knights. Providing a cinematic opening for players eagerly yearning what is at stake in this adventure.

Players will learn how Praxis became the mad sorcerer after the Esper was chosen by the Architect to become the new Keeper of the Nexus. With Praxis traveling through the Prime Worlds until he found a dark spot in the Universe, the goal to build his own Nexus.

Featuring a retro pixel-art universe, Ember Knights will immerge players into a fiery 16-bit adventure. Legendary warriors can fight their way through the levels solo or with up to three friends, defeating hordes of enemies. The game offers hack’n’slash combat in which players will have to master timed attacks to make the best of the skills available to defeat all enemies. With dozens of different skills, weapons and relics to choose from, players can create hundreds of combat combinations to customize their playstyle.

Ember Knights is in development for PC.

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